About Me

Activities: lounging, reading science fiction, forest treks, the occasional trip to the Boundary Waters, a myriad of hunting and fishing stuff, and computer games when I have a lot of free time. Ok, got that out of the way. Looking past those hobbies which I haven’t found a way of making a solid living off of yet, I currently live in the frozen north, live with my girlfriend, and our dog and cat. I am a college student; have been for eight years now. Currently I am working on my masters in English. The current plan is to take this degree, knowledge and skill set, and apply it toward teaching at the college level. Luckily for me, the university has been kind enough to give me some instructor experience and pad my resume, as I am allowed to teach writing courses while I pursue my degree. This has led to a huge number of informative, and formative, experiences. Besides teaching and course work, I am slogging through the process of finishing the thesis. A thesis which has been expanding and contracting much like my stomach during the holidays, with each piece of information I read and write on. As of late, I have found the undeniable importance of web-based communication to be a worthwhile avenue of studying; a study which has led to the creation of this blog.


2 Responses to About Me

  1. We should talk sometime about grad schools! I will be applying next fall for a mix of B.A.’s and B.F.A.’s. Also I just really like talking to Graduate Students. Did we take Professor Donovan’s British and World Poetry class together?

    • madams2013 says:

      I think we did take Brian’s course together. I really enjoyed his teaching method. When ever you are ready. I can pretty much guarantee that I have free time. I spend most of the day reading, and my students come to my office about once a month, maybe. I have office hours from 2-3 on Monday’s and Wednesdays. It is Office 327, right around the corner from Larry.

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