Round Up Time

I have put this off for far too long. On the plus side, I did add some pages to my thesis…

When it comes to the internet I have to admit that beyond course lead searches, I am fricken boring on the internet. I can guarantee that I will rarely be that guy who directs someone to an online gem just because I was surfin the digital waves. Mostly, I end up on some political blogs, Reddit for a laugh, and BSU’s website for work related stuff. So, as far as this here round up is to be considered, I decided that the websites which I spent the most time on as I worked on this course, be they dense or just really cool, would get linked to.

Lets start with dense:

The Edelman website offers an open look into the processes, critical thinking, hopes and fears of a consulting business coping with changing communication dynamics. Being that I waltzed into this content with no background, I took my sweet time picking through the websites online holdings, which are very large. All in all, this an extremely informative website for anyone interested in the emerging online interests of the consulting world.

Confessions of a Community College Dean: is well…I think the title makes any further explanation pointless. CCCD is somewhat dense when it comes to the academic issues brought up, but also highly readable. A mixture of regular father and academic administrator, the content drew me in as I am interested in the workings of a dean’s mind in relation to the large and small scale stuff that affects academia.

Less dense now

The Consumerist: advocates for the consumer by bringing up buyer product gripes, or company policies that we should all know about. As a consumer who every year is less likely to accept a company’s “that’s just the way we do stuff here” line, I thoroughly enjoyed reading through some of the scams to know about, or businesses which I might want to think twice about before interacting with.

The Big Picture: who doesn’t like photos of our natural world, major events, and/or a more more focused look at social events? From professional photographers and editors working for the Boston Globe, this photoblog has a wide range of quality photos about our world; enough said.

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