Quick Look at a Marketing Process.

Blogsvertise.com specializes in bringing together willing bloggers with willing advertisers. I feel there are some very important connections to be made with this website and Jill Walker’s essay. I am thinking I will get to that tomorrow though.

Online advertising which we are all familiar with, Google Ads namely, rely on key words placed within the add to pop up based upon one’s Google search. Advertisers are charged based upon the how expensive the key words they wish to use are. Also, each consumer click on the add leads to a billing to the advertiser. As I mentioned in Connections and thoughts in the latest round of chapters, some online history or cookies are used as well in add choice.

Back to Blogsvertise. Clinking on the tab for advertisers obviously brought me to some literature as to the services which they can provide for prospective clients. Here are a few key points which caught my eye.

“Pricing and costs vary depending on the type of digital ads you purchase to reach out to bloggers and the types of blogs you are looking for, the verticals, and the rates the bloggers request. The higher traffic, highest quality blogs will be more expensive then low traffic blogs.”

“Reach Mommy Bloggers, Students, Financial, Travel, Many Verticals available!”

And from a different page on Advertiser Information:

“our service first attempts to select blogs related to your website industry products & service by category for maximum promotion, targeted traffic and effective advertising… “

“Blogger has the option to ignore/decline advertising assignments, and have the freedom to write their own opinion of advertisers website. They can compliment it, review it, relate to it in their own lives, or even complain about it. Integrity of the blogger’s blog is maintained.”

Key ideas or themes here: blogging as an individualistic space, solidifying styles of blogs (cooking, political, mechanic…) creating interconnected networks, technology to map these networks out, marketing based upon very specific consumers…Food for thought.

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