Photoblogs => right back to Jacobs

As an academic reader of Jacob’s piece, comfortably situated on my couch next to a snoring dog, I completely agreed with the troubling aspects of market and business interest on the future quality of blogs in terms of information and interests. As a entertainment driven consumer of media (blogs now included), sitting on the same couch with the same dog, my other thought was that I really hate advertisements. Yes it gives me time to get a beer, but for the most part I would have to be pounding my drinks to keep up with the number of advertisements I come across on the web.

Dealing with blogs though, as my last post noted, I was wondering how marketing could sneak into the framework, or possibly the content. As a consumer, I was also wondering how marketing would kick in the front door and temporarily control my consumption.

Listen to Pandora, watch today’s John Stewart on Comedy Central, and a clear marketing habit is seen; the stoppage of free content to put in short plugs. Generally these plugs are just short enough. Nowhere near the minutes I use to waste waiting for my cable show to come back, but they are getting longer in my opinion. Last note, they are situated during expected transitions. Song to song for Pandora, and on the usual cable commercial slots which break up the Daily Show’s segments.

Consider that many blogs only give a short synopsis of the post. One must click on the permalink to get the full post. That transition seems worthwhile place to advertise as the consumer has made their wish obvious to view the screen’s content. Now an example from a photoblog. offered a short list of popular photoblogs, which brought me to The Boston Globe’s online photo blog, The Big Picture which is described as the work of three photo editors who compile quality photos from numerous major news outlets. Clicking on their set of photos from Carnival brought up 46 high resolution photos presented in a vertical scroll, complete with 37 comments which used facebook profiles-no easy anonymous comments here.

All in all, great pics, then I got to photo eight; at which point all the below pictures were more or less blotted out by a white filter. To move on to the subsequent photos, I needed to either answer a question or allow them to use my twitter account for some free advertising. I refreshed a few times to see if the question would change. It did. One question asked how many children lived in my household, another asked which mobile devise I used. My other option as I mentioned was to click a icon which would share the blog’s page on my twitter account.

So, not terribly annoying, but I don’t feel too crazy is seeing some writing on the wall here.

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4 Responses to Photoblogs => right back to Jacobs

  1. I wonder how instagram ties into photoblogs?

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  4. I would feel like such a chump if I allowed ads on my twitter account. It might sound melodramatic, but its like I’m betraying my followers. But it also conflicts with my morals. I kind of wonder if the people that come up with this crap are deliberately trying to piss people off.

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