Connections and thoughts in the latest round of chapters.

A-List Bloggers and Cocooning

I wondered in our Wednesday meeting last week what the effects might be to have bloggers who, in the process of looking for greater notoriety, blog to A-list blogs with a format and message meant to hopefully garner themselves a link in the A-lister’s next post. Jacob’s touches on this issue in page 245 as he raises his concern that the “cult” surrounding A-list bloggers create a large filter for discussion leading to this issue: “In such an environment, blogs are no renaissance in communication, but merely an instrument of apartheid for individual perspectives.”

In this sense, the gatekeepers and gatewatchers previously mentioned by Bruns in chapter two might be in need of their own medicine.

Videoblogs and Marketing

I tried to watch a youtube video a concert a few weeks back. To be honest I was cleaning the house and only rarely looked at the screen, but when I did I was annoyed at the number of links, original poster’s comments on the experience, and a fair share of what seemed to be marketing links which obscured what was going on. Reading Fitgerald’s well known note that economic rights go hand in hand with copyright, when we all have the easy ability to cut at past video’s what will the line be in terms of imbedded commentary and marketing value? Maybe videos will be plastered with the same logos as wedding photographers free copies.

From Jacobs:

“Research is being conducted on new models for television and interactive media advertising across the globe precisely because businesses still need a means of providing information about products and services to potential consumers” (246).

“…blogs provide for businesses an opportunity to access niche interest groups while also collecting data on the changing interests of those groups” (247)

Jacobs sees the emerging marketing and brings the reader back to Rushkoff’s notes on the fall of journalism and the dangers of blogging to become connected to profits and marketing to niche groups.

Story time: I own a really shitty pair of hunting boots. They work great as comfortable pieces of office foot wear, but if I walk more than ten minutes at a brisk pace my heals will start to take some damage, and if a blade of grass has so much as a drop of dew on it, my socks will be wet. I have mended them many times by gluing in linings as well as having to reattached the sole a few times. Like I said, shitty. Main point for me is that I like getting outdoors, and my feet bled on more than a few occasions last year. Hello and thank you tax return. I spent a fair amount of time researching online and ended up purchasing a pair of Danner boots. Not gloating, but I would wear them all day if my girlfriend wouldn’t make fun of me for it. Now though, as I sit here writing this blog post, if I switch over to there is a marketing box in the upper right corner about as big a post it and it is telling me how amazing the Danner Sierra hunting boot is! You don’t say… I’ve been tailed, and I am thinking that for the week’s project I am going to look into this potential aspect of blogs. Will there come a time in which my email will be filled with suggested blogs-maybe for Danner products?

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6 Responses to Connections and thoughts in the latest round of chapters.

  1. Terrifying how ads are adjusted based on our browsing history these days.
    Amusing how we’re shown ads for things we just bought… Would you like another?

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