Weekly Review

A bit of a mixed bag this week. Between grading papers, and revising a failed lesson, I found that my usual group work vigor was much decreased by the online atmosphere. The ease at which I knew could simply hop onto the web and check out what malmsy was up to, or Rants Raves and Obsessions, made it, well too easy. Needless to say, by Saturday I had a draft, by Sunday I had read Rants Raves and Obsessions (RRO), and chose to revsie what I had done. In all, I got the impression that simply bouncing back and forth between blogs was not the most effective manner of handling the situation. Either way, I did try to add onto what RRO’s blog post had finished on-a look into pseudonymous academic blogs. I checked out a few, picked a stand out winner, and wrote a quick report on what struck me as the stand out qualities (Link to said post:Work in progress-but initial thoughts on a pseudonym blog). All in all I felt that our two pieces added onto each others work. Not seamlessly by any means, but a little.

What was learned. As always, deadlining is a terrible idea, as is waiting for others to post before moving forward.

Now for the rest of the week. Coming to the chapters from the initial angle of academic blogging was very interesting, and also drove me toward a my natural habitat-notes on the work in question, which is here: Chapter Twelve Notes: Jill Walker.

The Banisch work was something which I feel I have mentioned before, but dammit all, some messages are worth repeating. Once again I made note of the blog’s ability to act as fact checker and debate started: Banisch: Fact Checks and Conversation.

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