Week Three Review

Chapters 1-5 opened up the floodgates a bit for me. In general the concepts put forth were unsurprising, uncomplicated, and showed a spot approach to the reality of the situation. Which was what made them oh so useful. As I was reading I kept thinking that I should have thought of that ahead of time, or that obviously the better bloggers practice both gatewatching to converse and keep tabs on traditional paid media, as well as gatekeeping to watch for the most pertinent of info. Why do both? Why not? Especially when it is easily within reach.

As my posts dealing directly with the reading show, I got a kick out of chapter five. PR, advertising methods, advertising methods, advertising methods, advertising methods, have always interested and also annoyed me greatly. The growing ability of PR take a part in the dynamic social media conversations is discussed in:

Living in a PR paradise. At least that’s what the PR people are telling me.

To look into failed PR, and the power of blogs and social media to band together to discuss and take control of a story, I looked into a recent PR debacle. Blogs such as The Consumerist ask for input to keep a watch over company treatment of customers and employees, and are watched by gatekeepers. The effects of this can be seen in my posts dealing with the Applebees customer from hell, Chelsea Welch’s social media use, and subsequent expansion of the story; all of which showcases of the power of social media to push a story, keep up with it, and spread its influence far beyond the local level. Here are the links to these posts:

Sunday is nearer, but I found it!

Cook may be on to something here.


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