Sunday is nearer, but I found it!

Who knew that Reddit and Imgur of all things would prove useful to me. Though, in a class based on online communication, it really is not all that surprising. A few days ago I was cruising through Imgur photos. I had just finished a Jstor article and was rewarding myself. One of the photos that caught my ire and attention was an Applebees receipt that had the gratuity scribbled off, and a short note which more or less…well here just look Buzzfeed’s screen shot from a Reddit page.

The Applebee's server, who goes by Chelsea, posted this on Reddit Monday.

Going online today, still without a clear idea of what I wanted to accomplish, I came upon a news story which has chapter five and cross over potential to the rest of the chapters written all over it. The waitress who posted this photo has been fired. Applebees received a complaint from the generous pastor, and PR initiatives took control to sooth rankled feathers with the promise that the privacy of custom tickets is of the utmost importance. Check it out here.

Looking here and there, it is quite obvious that many social networks are broadcasting this story, the plight of the worker, and pledges to boycott Applebees. Now to start aggregating some data.

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