RSS Thoughts

I have set up an RSS feed through Google reader. I do not have a tablet and or phone that can run an app, so options were a bit limited. So far after signing onto quite a few RSS feeds, class oriented and news outlets, I consider an RSS feed to be very close to one’s Twitter account. Signing on to the reader this morning reminded me of the condition of the news sites I frequented the morning after hurricane Sandy. Rather than the usual order, there were vertical lists of bold titles with slightly smaller descriptions underneath. I felt a bit like a lion confused by a mass of zebras, nothing truly stuck out. Much like a Twitter account can become a mass of confusion and missed posts if an individual follows to many people, I found that my Google Reader needed to be thinned out. Beyond that, I found RSS to be extremely useful. It really doesn’t take too long to check up on a website, yet there is a wide variance in personal web usage. While I do not see myself necessarily needing an RSS feed, if my internet usage did expand I would absolutely utilize this tool.

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