About to publish something! Always thought it would take me longer…

What is there to say. As the title mentions, there is a barrier here that I will hurdle with that blue publish icon to the right of my screen. I always considered publishing anything to be a challenge, Yet this daunting task is something which the internet  machine, with all its interneters busily amassing tweets and Reddit karma, break very easily. I guess it is time to get in the game. Prior to this blog, I haven’t had too much experience publishing anything on the web of a personal nature. I once created a wiki which contained all of three links. I used it to for a single class day to link to images of protest signs. My second dabbling in online publishing was last semester. I created a Prezi for Digital Humanities in which my initial goal was to visualize an essay. Both of these acts were academic in nature, and not as personal as I am sure this blog will be, even though this blog’s creation is the result of academics. With that being the case, I find myself wondering how much knowing who my initial audience is will affect what I will put on the web. The anonymity which a blogger usually enjoys is gone in this scenario. So I feel as though there is a slight dilemma for me as I am usually a somewhat restrained individual when dealing with the public. Earlier college days of beer drinking aside. But hey, pushing past comfort zones is generally a good thing. Well hello blue publish button.

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